Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pack Fast, Travel Light


Last week I wrote:  “Next Wednesday, this blog will focus on how we can all participate in realizing Hilltop’s vision. We will lay out a plan to make up our budget deficit.”
Before I do that, I want to re-refocus briefly on our why
Our very purpose is transformation.  Over the past two years the Hilltop self-identity has been radically restored.  That self-identity restoration of the vision to be a church parent is a transformation.  Our vision is bold, and it is about transformation:  to be co-creators with God of new faith communities in Utah.  We understand:  transformation is an intense process and it requires us to stretch. But, a critical element of that transformation, that stretching, has already occurred here:  Hilltop is reaching, stretching, beyond itself.  That is transformation.  Let’s continue that change.  Change like that requires rare people. 
It is a rare person that is moved by numbers but Hilltop is filled with rare – and transformed -- people. 

Nuts and Bolts

About 185 households worship at Hilltop once a month.  While we want to reach every household with our invitation, if 165 respond with an increase of $6.98 a week (every week, not just the weeks people are here), we could get to the lower range of that “need” of $60,000.  We would exceed it if all 185 households are inspired to join us on this journey.  It is important that we understand we are being invited to respond every week (back to January 1, 2017).  If that average goes up by $2.35 (to $9.33/weekly) per household, then we are at $80,000 which allows us to pay our own tithe to the United Methodist Church, and another $2.32 (to $11.65/weekly) per household gets us to $100,000 more and we can bring planned building and program expenses back up to where they need to be.  We have suggested that is one Domino’s Cheese Pizza or a Quesadilla meal at the Red Iguana, and some have said ‘those examples don’t work for me.’  I smile and then say pick something that is in one of those ranges and works for you! 
I confess when I say $100,000 it seems gigantic.  When I say everyone signs on for $11.65 a week (or $6.98 or $9.33 but back to January 1, 2017), it seems doable.  We have already had some impressive responses here. 
Our vision is bold. 

We are under-incomed, not over-expensed

We need to fight that first thought to pare down expenses.  Your leaders offer:  “We are under-incomed, not over-expensed.”
Our vision is bold. 
Roberta quoted an unnamed black preacher in the February Newsletter:  “God is not a monument, but a movement. And if you want to walk with God you’ve got to pack fast and travel light.”
Next week I will address the threefold fullness of health:  grandparent, parent, and child. 
Until then, keep in mind that we are inviting you to pack fast, and travel light on this bold adventure we are on. 

Selah, Pastor Dennis

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